Antique Porcelains and Ceramics

European 19th-Century Figural Porcelains and Ceramics
Staffordshire Ram sitting on the grass with a cheeky expression against the five branched "flower trees" measuring 4-3/4" tall by 5" long

19th-century Austrian art pottery figurine by Bernard Bloch ( BB & 4411)  of a boy with bowling pins and ball 11" tall with 5-1/2" base
English Staffordshire spill vase cow with orange spots with the little one resting below measuring 5-1/8" tall and 3-3/8" at base

Victorian porcelain basketof two mischevious kitties sporting blue bows 5-1/4" tall
Antique German porcelain inkwell of children with an apron full of kittens 4-1/2" by 4-1/2"
Victorian porcelain doggy with a basket of puppies measruing 5-3/4" tall and 4-1/4 at base"

Victorian Royal Worcester plate of two fish pursuing a water bug measuring 9" in diameter, circa 1875, with English registry mark
Victorian Royal Worcester plate of  fish amongst the water grass measuring 9" in diameter, circa 1875, with English registry mark

Porcelain Ani‚Äčmal Figurines
Royal Copenhagen wire haired terrier with tan head and grey spots and an upright tail measuring 4-3/4" tall and 4-1/2" long
Vintage Villeroy & Bosch comical figurine of a hedgehog catching a ride with a large hare 5-1/2" by 3-1/8" at the base and 4-1/2" tall
Victorian pug dog, seated sportinga  blue ribbon with bells and a serious expression contrasting his curled tail, measuring 4" tall and 4" long

Austrian and German ceramic pigs.....
Two very content pink pigs in a convertible green car with fat tires, circa 1900, German  measuring 3" tall and 5" long
Austrian Majolica cigar stand with a pig on his hind legs, a hut, a match bucket, and a  trough for used matches, circa 1890's,  9" by 4-1/5
German tray with a pig on a typewriter composing a "Dear Sir" letter, circa 1900, measuring 4-1/4" tall and 4" long

German Half Dolls
Art Deco "flapper" half doll with sad expression and uplifted clasped hands 2-3/4" tall
German half doll with black head bend and arms separate from body (#22674) 3-3/4" tall

German half doll with dark hair and blue comb and white dress (#5063) 2-7/8" tall

Figural Austrian Majolica Tobacco Jars Circa 1900
Austrian tobacco jar of man in green hat circa 1890's 5-1/2" tall
Austrian tobacco jar of youth in a yellow with a cigar stub 4-1/2" tall
Majolica tobacco jar of man in a green tasseled cap  4-1/2" tall
Majolica Indian Chief tobacco jar circa 1900 4-3/4" tall