Antique and Estate rings are unique with superb workmanship!
This selection of rings represents only a small grouping of our inventory.


Victorian Rings
Antique 14kt rose gold cameo ring with hard stone/agate carving of a woman circa 1880s
Ring size:  5-1/2

victorian ring
14kt pink gold ring set with a cluster of old mine cut diamonds (.34ct TW) flanked with a lined design on either shoulder, circa 1890's
Ring size: 5-3/4

image-522973-Ring Victorian 570.jpg
14kt pink gold ring set with horizontally with two prong set opals and two diamonds vertically, circa 1890s
Ring size: 6-1/4

Art Deco Rings
18kt Art Deco white gold filigree ring set with a aguamarine/marquise cut (approx.3.60ct) with nice details in the mounting
Ring size: 6-3/4

  Art Deco 14kt white gold filigree with three old mine cut diamonds horizontally set across in a navette shape (.50ct TW)
Size: 6
Art Deco ring
14kt Art Deco white gold filigree topped ring with yellow shank with a pointed blue sapphire cabobchon surrounded by rose cut diamonds
Ring size: 8-3/4

Retro Rings circa 1940s
image-201081-Retro bow ring 795.JPG
14kt Retro pink and white gold diamond (white gold)  set with synthetic rubies in a flower bow (white gold)  design
Ring size: 8-1/4
Retro 18kt pink gold dome (cut out) ring with a center old mine diamond and two rose cut diamonds  and four pink sapphires circa 1940s
Ring size: 6-3/4

image-241014-Ring Retro 18kt diam ruby 795.JPG
Vintage 14kt yellow gold ring with angel skin coral cabochons, pearls and gold balls that  resemble bubbles in seafoam, circa 1960s ring Ring size 6-1/4

Engagement Rings & Wedding/Anniversary Bands
Art Deco platinum diamond engagement ring with an old European transitional round .43ct (VS "G") with ten side diamonds (.15ct TW)
Ring size: 5-1/2
yellow gold engagement ring
14kt pink and white gold Retroera engagement ring circa 1940's with .35ct center diamond with two color gold design
Ring size: 6-3/4 
14kt white gold engagement ring set with a  .60ct (SI2 "H") center diamond and twelve side diamonds (.15ct TW) , circa 1940
Ring size:5-1/4

Estate & Vintage Rings
Vintage 14kt yellow gold buffalo/bison head ring with detailed fur and ruby eyes circa 1960s
Ring size: 10
18kt yellow gold watch ring set with a crown of emeralds, rubies and diamonds  circa 1960s
Ring size: 6
540 yellow gold garnet pearls ring
Vintage 14kt yellow gold ring with oval angel skin coral cabochons, pearls and gold balls that  resemble bubbles in seafoam, circa 1960s ring Ring size 6-1/4