Antique Cameos and  Lockets

19th Century Cameos
Victorian shell cameo
Antique 10kt gold shell cameo brooch with a scene set in a swiveling frame with braided hair on the opposite side circa 1860s, 2-1/2” long and 2” across with the open “C”  and tube hinge
Victorian coral cameo
Eloquent Victorian 18kt yellow gold stone cameo of a woman’s profile facing left set in a double row border and wide frame, circa 1860s, with an open “C” catch and tube hinge, measuring 1-1/4” long by 1” across
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Victorian shell cameo
Large Victorian gold filled lava cameo brooch of Hebe and the eagle framed by a faceted/beveled  metal bead border, measuring  2-1/4" tall by 1-7/8" wide

Antique and Vintage  Cameos framed in gold
Victorian lava cameo
Antique oval lava cameo brooch set with a classical profile fa coif of grapes and leaves, circa 1900, set in a gold frame with metal findings in the back  1-3/8” tall by 1-1/8” wide
Art Deco stone cameo
Antique 14kt rose gold hardstone oval cameo brooch of woman set in a wide frame with open design accented by balls, circa 1870s-80s, 1-3/4” long and 1-1/4” with hook for hanging
1950s shell cameo brooch
Estate 14kt yellow gold shell cameo with a neoclassic scene of horses and chariot in motion and cupid above, circa 1950s, measuring 2-1/8” long by 1 -1/2” tall secured by tube hinge clasp

Antique Victorian Lockets
Early Victorian locket with front and back gold with a nice engraved detail of floral scroll motif, and opening from the front with a hinge ideal for a dog clip chain, 2-3/8" by  1-1/4”across
Victorian 14kt gold oval locket with a whimsical anchor design with seed pearls and two color gold, circa 1880s, measuring 2” long with bale and with the glass inserts still intact!
Victorian 14kt oval locket set with a hardstone cameo carving of a woman with pearls set around her, circa 1870s-1880s, measuring 2" tall and 1-1/4" wide

Cameo rings set in gold
Art Deco 14kt white gold filigree shell cameo of a woman profile looking to right “dressed” and wearing a diamond necklace (habille) with nice detail, circa 1930
Ring size:5
cameo ring
Victorian 14kt yellow gold ring set with an oval hardstone/banded agate cameo ring with a woman facing to the right framed by a setting of applied wire work, circa 1880-90s
Ring size: 5-3/4
Victorian cameo ring
Early Art Deco 14kt greenish gold cameo ring set with a rectangular hardstoneagate cameo of woman with a open collar facing right, circa 1910-20, measuring 1/2” by 7/8”
Ring size: 7-1/2

Shell cameo rings set in gold
Victorian 14kt pinkish gold ladies watch chain with a round basket link and substantial gauge measuring 46” long, and a shield shaped slide set with a hard stone cameo along with seed pearls and black enamel, circa 1880s-70s
Stone cameo rings set in gold