We adore tea time at The Antique Guild!

Silver Tea Strainers

Figural Continental silver tea strainer with angels and fruit, circa 1890s, 5-1/2" long and 3-1/2" at widest point                                 $300.00


      German "Hanau" 800 silver tea strainer with seven points of ribbon garlands measuring 5-3/4" long and 4" across at widest point $120.00

German tea strainer. 800 silver.  with full figure cavalier on the handle measuring  7" long by 4"

Silver Tea Caddy Canisters
Sterling silver tea caddy Whiting and retailed by J.E. Caldwell, circa 1900, with triple script mono  measuring 4-3/8" tall
English sterling oval tea caddy with bright cut engraving, London, circa 1941, by N. Bloom & Son  measuring 5" across and 5-1/2" tall

German Hanau 800 silver tea caddy with four Neoclassical scenes with lion finnial measring 5-3/4" tall and 2 by 2-1/2" at the base

19th Cenury Sterling Tea Caddy Spoons/Scoops
Sterling tea caddy spoon by Gorham (Art & Crafts) with elements of Celtic knot in the design, circa 1880s, measuring 3-3/4" long
Sterling silver tea caddy shovel with Dutch .833 silver hallmarks with a turned wooden treen handle circa 1870s, measuring 4"
image-242236-Tea Caddy Spoon London 135.JPG
Sterling English tea caddy spoon, early 19th century with feather edging and a lion rampart crest, measruing 3-3/4" long 

Sterling Tea Balls
Sterling tea ball in the shape of a teapot with a chain and ring (4-1/4") by International, circa 1915, measuring 3" long from spout to handle 

Sterling tea strainer by International in the form of a three legged pot with the spout pin insert, measuring 1-1/8" tall and 1-7/8" across
Egg-shaped sterling tea ball infuser with chain by Wallane, circa 1915, measuring 1-3/4" with the chain and ring 4-1/4" long

Antique silver tea caddy spoons
Mid 19th Century German pleasantly squat teapot hallmarked with the  13 lothige (812.5 silver standard) with Grecian key design framed cartouche measuring 8" tall to the finial and 8-3/4" across from the spout to the handle
Sterling silver tea strainers