We love antique brooches and pins --- each one is a miniature work of art!

Victorian Pins and Brooches
Antique 14kt yellow gold portrait brooch framed by seed pearls/florets and engraved  “To my wife Nov 22 1894”—most likely for the birth of their child in the portrait, 1-5/8” tall and 1-1/4”
Antique 14kt rose gold brooch with black enamel, engraving and a swinging component set with a gold quartz stone, circa 1870-80s, with tube hinge and open “C” catch, 2” by 1-1/2”
Antique 14kt yellow gold buckle sash pin/brooch framed by pearls with two prongs orientated horizontally, measuring 1-/2” tall and 1-1/8”, circa 1890s

Antique 14kt yellow gold brooch with a round coral in the center and outlined by a bead motif, circa 1870s, measuring 1-5/8" across
Antique 14kt yellow gold seed pearl enamel depicting leaves and berries, circa 1905, measuring 1-1/4” long with Krementz hallmark $285.00 
 Victorian 14kt  salmon coral brooch depicting grape bunches with leaves of carved coral, measuring 2-1/8" by 1-1/2" tall, circa 1850s-60s

Late Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco 14kt gold pins
Edwardian 14kt two color gold circle pin with four round blue sapphires also set in yellow contrasting white gold and open pattern design, circa 1910, 1" by Krementz of Newark, NJ 
Art Deco 14kt white gold filigree diamond pin with bow set with three round diamonds (.10ct TW), circa 1930, by Shipman Mfg. Co. and measuring 2” long by 3/8” wide
Edwardian 14kt yellow gold Scottie dog pin set against a riding crop and a touch of green enamel on his collar and nice texture to his coat, circa 1910, measuring 2-1/2” long by Sloan & Co

Estate & Vintage Pieces from the 1940s, 50s and 60's
Retro 14kt two color curved ribbon petaled brooch with square aquamarine (.89ct) center with a "pinwheel" effect of design , circa 1940, measuring 1-3/4” across
14k yellow gold pin of a bird with textured gold work perched on a branch attending to the nest filled with three pearl “eggs” with her ruby eye, circa 1960’s, measuring 1-1/4” wide and 1” tall
Large estate 18kt yellow gold dragonfly brooch with a body of cabochon garnets & diamonds (.34 ct TW) with varying colors of orange/red enamel on the wings, circa 1970’s, 3” by  2”

Estate & Vintage Pieces from the 1950s and 1960's

Italian 18kt yellow gold brooch with a delightful design of blue and white enameled flowers with blue sapphires and a diamond center, circa 1960s, measuring about 1-1/2”
Estate 14kt yellow gold opal snowflake cluster brooch/pendant with oval cabochon opals all with blue ,green and orange play of color, circa 1950s, measuring 1-1/2” across in diameter
Estate 18kt yellow gold brooch leaf with textured gold set with a .20ct diamond, circa 1960s, measuring 2” by  1-1/4” wide, with double clip pin stem to secure heavy brooch